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Chakra and Energy News

Hope you received and had some time to review/read our last Newsletter 

where I shared with you intellectual and experiential knowledge about Internal 

Environment/Internal Milieu, for Health and Well-being. 

I ended the Newsletter with the following info: 

There are different types of meditation techniques. If sitting down and 

meditating is hard for you, there are dynamic meditation techniques for the 7 major 

Chakras (Energy Centers) that not only heal the emotions associated with the 

chakras, but also take you into meditation. You may want to try these. 

You may want to see what others are saying about our program on Chakra 
Catharsis and Energizing technique sessions and other programs. 

We are offering the Chakra catharsis and Energizing sessions on the 

upcoming Saturdays, November 8th and 15th in our Revelations Yoga studio, and 

we will email to you a Newsletter on Thursday, 6th November to inform you the 

program details and registration.

In my previous newsletter, I also posted after the above description,              

picture with locations of Chakras (Energy centers), and two tables with the 

emotions that lock the Chakras, and meditation techniques. 

Just as a reminder or in case you missed the previous Newsletter; I am 

posting below, the same pictures again. 

After you go through these three pictorial informative illustrations is the 

promised program and registration detail for the upcoming Chakra catharsis and 

energizing sessions on the upcoming Saturdays, November 8th and 15th in our 

Revelations Yoga studio. 

The program details are in the form of 3 JPEG images: First JPEG talks 

about the chakras that will be addressed on the two successive Saturdays and the 

timings. Second JPEG talks about dates, timings etc; Third JPEG talks about the 

program guidelines.
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