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Revelations Yoga-Birth

Birth of Revelations Yoga

A Brief History behind the Birth of Revelations Yoga Vedanta Books & More 

My inspiration for this venture is my grandfather’s brother, Sri Veluri Eshwar. Philosophy and Spirituality have been a part of my family for many generations. 

My grandmother was a philosopher, well versed in Sanskrit, and lived a life of Meditation. 

My grandfather wrote many articles in English, Telugu, and Bengali for Newspapers, Journals, and Literary Magazines; one of them being a popular Telugu (Language of India) literary magazine called Bharati. My forefathers were Sanskrit scholars, philosophers, and writers; Themes for their writings were social and Spiritual. 

They practiced yogic life and Spirituality. Some practiced Spirituality continuing in Grihastha ashram, and some adopted Sannyasa ashram. My great grandfather, Veluri Chandrasekhara Sastry, meditated for several years and acquired some Yoga Siddhis. He was closely associated with Sri Aurobindo. 

My great grandfather’s brother, Velury Sivarama Sastry, was a Dahara Vidyopasaka, practice of Dahara Vidya, where mind is dissolved in the process (Mano Laya Yoga). He was revered as Pundit, Sataavadhani, and Brahmasri 

He was a SatAvadhAni. "AvadhAnis are born poets with a high intellectual caliber". AvadhAni is one who successfully performs the AvadhAnam; the group who queries the performer is the prucchakas. AvadhAnam is a literary performance in Sanskrit and other languages of India. It requires immense memory power and in depth knowledge of literature, and prosody, and ability to create poems. The number of Prucchakas can be 8 (ashtAvadhAnam) or 100 (satAvadhAnam) or even 1000 (sahasrAvadhAnam)! 

Brahmasri, SatAvadhAni Veluri Sivarama Satry  was eighteen years old when he performed his most famous sampoorna satAvadhAnam; he rendered a beautiful (Yes! na bhootO nabhavishyati/ neither before him in the past, nor in the future) Sanskrit poetic VarNana/description on NrusiMha (half lion-half man avatar of Sri Maha Vishnu of ancient Hindu scripture):

"prouDhArka dyuti kOTi pATala saTA riMchOLi kAbhAsurO nirghA tadyuti bhirnakhaiH prakaTi tApArOllasa dvikramaH daitva vrAtalibhOH hiraNya kaSipOdhyaksha sthalee bhaMja kO lakshee jAni rudrAra dheera vatunaH Sree nArasiMha prabhuH" || 

He was among the pioneers of Telugu short story writers. Some of his Telugu short stories are : “Ekaavali Kadhalu Gadhalu”, "Depression chembu", "Vyatyam", "Ananda Trayam", "Thaalu Kuttanamu", "Vyasavani" etc. Main theme of many of his short stories was centered around the social life of middle class, vanities of educated youth etc.

My grandfathers’ brothers have been involved not only in the publication of Spiritual and related books but also in selling Spiritual books. 

Some of the titles that have been published by grandfather’s brother, Sri Veluri Sadanand are: 

"COMPLETE WORKS OF ADI-SANKARACHAYA" in the Original Sanskrit in 10 Volumes 

Sri Chakra & The Ten Great Cosmic Powers by S. Shankaranarayan 

Buddhiyoga of the Gita and other Essays: Sri Anirvan, 

Krishna Geetam: Delight of Experience &  Saga of Seven Mothers: Satisaptakam & Sitayana by K.R. Srinivasa Iyengar,  

Sri Jnanadeva’s Bhaavaartha Dipika (otherwise known as Jnaneshwari): Commentary on the Bhagavad gita which was Translated from Marathi by Ramchandra Keshav Bhagwat  

Stotramala: A Garland of Hindu prayers; Poet Saints of Maharashtra; Translated by Justin E. Abbott 

The Gospel of Buddha; Paul Carus; The Practice of the Presence of God; Brother Lawrence 

The Dedicated: A Biography of Nivedita by Lizelle Reymond 

The Essence of Yoga Vasishtha: compiled by Sri Jnanananda Bharati, Translated by Samvid 

Dakshinamurti stotra of Sri Sankaracharya; The Economy of Human life 

Sri Jnanadeva Amritanubhava: Ambrosial experience 

Bhikshugita: The Mendicant’s song by Justin E. Abbott, 

Prabodhasudhakara: The Nectar-Ocean of Enlightenment; 

Sri Sankaracharya, original Text in Sanskrit with translation and notes by Samvid 

Goda’s Garland of Devotion; An Introduction to Amukta Malyada by Prema Nandakumar 

Some books that have been published by another brother of my grandfather, Sri Veluri Eshwar are: Every Man A King, Be Good to Yourself, Peace Power and Plenty, Self Investment, The Young Man Entering Business: all by Orison Swett marden 

Spiritual Books are companions, teachers, and carriers of messages, and teachings of truth. 

As the cultural landscape is transforming all over the world, areas of subject that were once branded esoteric have now entered the mainstream. Meditation, yoga, Ayurveda and alternative/ complementary healing have gained wide acceptance.
We specialize in Yoga and Spirituality/ Meditation books that present creative and conscious ways of transforming the individual; books that elevate the level of human consciousness leading to a blissful life, translating spiritual insight into action in the world, and physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual wellbeing. 

We have a Wellness Center that caters to integrated well being of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Whether you love to read, get pampered, or need to heal, we are the place to visit.

We have more than thousand titles available, only a few are listed on the web site. Do not get disheartened; if you are searching for a book in Vedanta, Yoga etc that is not listed on the web site, or not available, please email to us and we will try hard to procure it for you.
We have a quarterly Newsletter that will be informative and educational. Please, do sign up, so we can email the Newsletter to you. Our Learn More page will develop into an educational informative source. 

Email to us your questions about Vedanta, Vedic/ Hindu Traditions, Spirituality, and Yoga etc, we will try to provide you authentic information about the subject. 

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