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I recently had the pleasure of attending a Pain Management Seminar at the Revelations Yoga Wellness Center lead by Dr. Savitri Rambhatla. The seminar focused on the management of pain using alternative therapies such hypnosis, meditation, and yoga. The experience was informative and eye opening. Being a physician, and practitioner of Western Medicine, through this seminar I was able see the value of adding alternative therapies beyond medications to our armamentarium of treating pain. Dr. Rambhatla did an excellent job of providing the scientific background to the use of these alternative therapies. This was very insightful for myself, and added great credibility to these practices. The seminar had an integrated practical portion amongst the didactics, through which the group learned to perform the proper techniques of self-hypnosis, meditation, and yoga. The effects of these practices could be felt from the first session, as minor aches could be felt to dissipate after each therapy was performed. An additional highlight of the seminar is that it is for all-comers, whether it be advanced medical professionals or patients with poorly controlled chronic pain. Thank you Dr. Rambhatla for increasing my knowledge about alternative therapies for the management of pain, and adding to the therapeutic options from which I can treat my patients and myself. I look forward to further seminars lead by you and your team. Nalin M

I really like this place. I in no way a Yoga person or Yogi or whatever they call themselves, but the class I took was great. I know I need yoga in my life since I'm a runner and like most runners I HATE to stretch. I've had a few injuries as a result, plantar fisciitas, IT Band Syndrome, and back and hip pains that I know could have been prevented if I were more limber. Revelations is a small yoga studio where you will get all the attention you need. I forget the name of the instructor, but she was very helpful and knowledgeable in everything she taught. I wish there were more hours for classes, but hopefully that will come in the future.bridget e

Great place for yoga. Classes are not hard for beginners, even advanced and intermediate classes can be adjusted for beginners like me. Unfortunately the classes aren't the most convenient times, but I'm sure that will change once more people enroll. Many of the afternoon classes I've attended, there was only one other person or I was the only attendee. Lehra is great though, and I like the emphasis on meditation.Shenny S

This isn't your typical westernized yoga studio. If you're looking for a diamond in the rough especially when it comes to authenticity, then you have found the place! Revelations Yoga is as authentic as it gets! The instructors are really dedicated in teaching the art of yoga and have taught me yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation techniques, ayurveda tips, and yogic philosophies that I believe you will not find anywhere else. The prices for classes are very reasonable as well. $8 for a single class, $5 for lunch time yoga on Wednesdays, and you can even get a package deal of $30 for five classes! I technically felt like I get more for my buck here at Revelations Yoga.One of the instructors came from India and is very knowledgeable in the traditional way of doing Hatha yoga. She teaches you Hatha yoga in the way that they do it India; something I believe you can't get anywhere else unless you go to a Hindu temple. The other instructor is very awesome as well! She is very knowledgeable in Hatha, Jivamukti, and Ashtanga. And she is very helpful in breaking down Sanskrit names to make it more understandable to her students. Both teachers are very caring and dedicated to the point where you can see the love of yoga in their eyes. It is because of the patience and knowledge of these yoga teachers that I was able to get into my first full lotus and headstand! I am so very thankful to them. Also, when it is time for Shavasana in a yoga class, both teachers really empathize and showcase the importance of this pose by turning off the lights in the room. This really helped me to relax my body and mind as I soaked up the benefits of my practice.Something that I seriously couldn't find anywhere else. Besides yoga classes and yoga books, they also offer a holistic approach to healing the body including yoga therapy, hypnotherapy, and reiki. I had yoga therapy done and was shown a way to rid myself of migraines and it worked for me! :)The books that they sell revolve around the philosophy and psychology of yoga, meditation, Vedanta, and spirituality. You seriously can't find vast majority of their books anywhere else but their bookstore! Because of what they have to offer, I am now a regular visitor :)Their books and wellness center really caters to the integration and union of your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. If you like to read books on yoga and philosophy, take yoga classes, and have an interest in holistic health, this is the place for you! Drop by and give them a visit, I'm sure you will not waste your time or money.Namaste~Kelsey Myhn

Awesome place to do yoga. I'm addicted.  Help here us super nice. Where ever you go, go to a place that has passionate people! :)Reynaldo BHello, it's a blessing to find Revelations Yoga through Groupon.  It is located in a commercial complex along Santa Anita Avenue close to the Metro Bus station in the city of El Monte.  They are open 6 days a week and have a lunch session for only $5.00 per class on Monday and Wednesday.  The place is big and is not yet busy so it seems you are in a private class.  I like going after work, it relaxes my body.I have some back problem and hope that I will be well through the practice of yoga.  The instructors explain every poses, what it does to the body and are very helpful, there are two of them.  If I could tell somebody one thing, "that's it... this is the place to go.  Reasonable price and it's worth your time.   Ceci S.

This place is legit. Came here for a trial session, and as far as yoga goes, you can get the real stuff, not just those gym type of yogas where most of the time, they don't know what they are doing. See, its not only doing a physical exercise, its also a mental, spiritual and even to say cultural experience. I like to add that you don't have to be extremely flexible to do it. You gradually get into better shape and have more health benefits by doing it. Do yoga at your own pace, don't force yourself to strain to do a posture. You do the yoga enough only to the point where eventually the yoga does you. I like to add that the teachers can guide you with their large amount of knowledge. They can help you if you allow them to help you. I highly recommend coming to this hidden gem in El Monte. If you invest into yoga, you are investing into a healthier "you" that doesn't have to always worry about your health.  - B.A.

Revelations Yoga is unlike any Yoga studio I have been to. The instructors are dedicated to teaching you traditional Hatha, Jivamukti and Vinyasa Flow. Lehra and Neetha will even go so far to ask you how you are feeling today to modify the session. If you feel stressed out or tense, they will offer Pranayama, Meditation or a slower paced Hatha Yoga routine. On the other hand, you can also receive an intense workout with Vinyasa, Jivamukti and elements of Ashtanga. This gives you the opportunity to really push yourself. Sometimes they will do both depending on what you seek and need that day. Most sessions are private which you really don't get anywhere else, let alone for that price. $50 for an unlimited month membership is unheard of. You can schedule your session with one of the instructors, which is great for people who would like to do Yoga before or after work or during their lunch break. I have been a student since many months now and truly treasure this hidden place for its quality and golden employees.

Illona M

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